Brilliantly Boring.

Founded in 2005, by two industry vanguards, Macrospect recognized the enormous potential of cloud-based financial planning software for large enterprises before it became the game-changer it is today. In assembling the Macrospect team, we focused on recruiting people who represented different points of view – which is to say we’re not just IT nerds, but people who understand business, finance and accounting as well. This collaboration allows us to see the big picture and ensure as few surprises as possible – which is the measure of a great consultant. And by those standards, Macrospect is proud to be considered brilliantly boring.

Macrospect Leadership

Randy Marvel

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Hattendorf

Chief Operations Officer

“Macrospect provided the best reporting solution I’ve seen and used it to get at data quickly in a complex environment.”

Gil Breakman,

Warner Bros. Studio Operations