Global Entertainment Company

Macrospect helps American diversified mass media and entertainment conglomerate see around the corner.


An American diversified multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate didn’t have a sophisticated tool to help them plan their business. They relied heavily on spreadsheets and antiquated technology.


  • Effectively plan stage occupancy and personnel, both which are drivers of profitability
  • Determine whether they were funneling enough traffic from their tours business into their gift shops and coffee shop
  • Analyze the number of people coming to each show by daypart in order to properly plan food and beverage, determine ticket pricing and staff appropriately


Macrospect ensured the data captured through their new Adaptive Planning tool, was the right information that would help them better analyze and plan their business.


  • Gave them visibility into the key indicators of their business, such as occupancy percentages for their stages
  • Captured tour traffic and show attendance by daypart, leading to operational efficiencies, specifically with regards to staffing and food and beverage
  • Developed creative ways to translate the finance team’s offline models into a sophisticated database that aggregates into a financial plan in real-time eliminating lag times in reporting

“This is the best reporting solution I’ve seen and used to get at data quickly in a complex environment.”

Gil Breakman

EVP of Finance