Global Chemicals & Consumer Products

Macrospect brings industry leading manufacturer of chemicals & consumer products tailor-made precision.


A leading manufacturer and marketer of adhesive tape and consumer home and office products, with facilities in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Peru, United Arab Emirates and China had Host Analytics to help with planning and consolidations, the tool was inflexible, expensive and designed to be a jack of all trades. It didn’t meet the real-world, specific needs of the client’s finance team.


  • Account for their unique business processes.
  • Plan at a headcount level how they were managing their manufacturing operations.
  • Build out profitability for their product family.
  • Align the lowest levels of the organization from a revenue and workforce planning perspective all the way up to a consolidated view of the financial plan.


At Macrospect, we have a business-first perspective, not a tool-first perspective. Our proprietary business mapping process helped this client put their business process in the context of the solution, so it would work as hard as possible for them.


  • Helped the team see their business process flow, uncovering a few things that surprised them.
  • Identified the revenue for each product and the expenses involved with manufacturing, packaging, and shipping them to protect their margins.
  • Built out profitability for their product family in order to determine which products to cut and in which to invest.
  • Moved revenue and workforce planning from manual spreadsheets into an integrated planning system, which allowed them to plan headcount by role in order to manage the shop floor more efficiently.

“Macrospect helped us see what was possible. We ended up getting far more value than we initially thought we could.”

John Aysh

Senior Director of FP&A