Macrospect helps Ascend Performance Materials achieve significant business results by converting to true Integrated Planning enabled by financial planning solutions.


Ascend Performance Materials discovered several gaps in their planning process, which resulted in missed business opportunities and mistakes that could only be identified after the period was over. The root cause was a lack of integration between operational and financial data. Synchro­nized integration of data such as materials, manufacturing, inventory and logistics would allow Ascend to forecast and respond in real time, making their operations more efficient and profitable. Ultimately, they called on Macrospect to help them address their Integrated Planning needs.


  • SAP for Planning with HANA
  • Generate and deliver reports faster
  • Leverage real-time data
  • Expand the amount and type of data available for analysis, planning and forecasting reports
  • Create a simplified, easier-to-navigate platform that could expand their user base



  • View full bill of materials costs before shipping while reducing decision-making assumptions
  • Analyze inventory versus production needs to more accurately manage cash flow
  • Integrate freight (ECC) data with financial data to ensure every shipment is profitable before it ships
  • Improve customer satisfaction by more accurately predicting shipping availability


  • HANA-powered system generates on-demand reports faster
  • Integrated financial and operational data ensures every sale is profitable
  • 90% improvement in run times and responsiveness
  • Dynamic reporting enables real-time decision making
  • Executive summaries accessible by mobile, tablet and PC


  • BI
  • Improved demand, production, logistics & financial planning integration
  • Additional data volume capacity
  • Lower technology overhead
  • Improved, easier usability
  • Expanded user base

“SAP Planning powered by SAP HANA enables us to answer a lot of business questions that we couldn’t answer before. We now have near real-time, up-to-date information to see which customers are actually profitable on a daily basis.”

Aaron Benner