Macrospect Improves Lexmark’s Existing SAP® Platform by Creating a Solution to Enhance Cost Center Planning Capabilities With Financial Planning Solutions.


Lexmark sought to deploy a worldwide, fixed planning tool leveraging SAP for Planning technology that could be used throughout the organization to gain efficiencies and standardize practices. Lexmark’s existing system was inflexible, difficult to maintain and the company relied heavily on spreadsheets. Lexmark needed a system that would end their dependence on manual calculations, Excel spreadsheets, and allow them to gain far greater accuracy and efficiency.


  • Control the planning and consolidation efforts across the globe, tying together more than 60 countries and 4,000 cost centers
  • Integrate a system with Lexmark’s existing SAP applications
  • Move the company away from reliance on spreadsheets


  • A standardized SAP for Planning system that spans more than 60 countries with 2,000 users and can accommodate up to 5,000 cost centers
  • Increased frequency of reporting from one time per year to monthly or quarterly
    REAL TIME DATA allows for more timely decision making
    INCREASED FREQUENCY in the planning-cycle time
  • Developed a headcount-management tool that accommodates planning for 8,000 employees on an individual level
  • Moved from spreadsheet-based processes to automated functionality
    AUTOMATED manual processes such as currency conversions
  • Significantly reduced errors or subjective interpretation of data by making the planning and consolidation process more transparent
  • Greater controls and accuracy through centralization

“We selected Macrospect as our technology consultant because it was imperative to partner with a team that had a proven, high aptitude in both business planning and technology that would maximize SAP’s results.”

JB Jenkins